Pittering & Pattering…

…or close enough to it.

Baby Update

Logan is doing really well, despite the teething situation.  His first tooth, the bottom left (his left) front, has pushed through the gum and is now just finishing up. I think most of the pain associated with it has gone away, which is good.  Unfortunately (and fortunately?), the one right next to it is now coming up.  YAY, another week of grump-butt-baby!

He did take two beautiful naps for me yesterday and that was incredibly nice considering he’d been refusing naps entirely.  The routine was wake up at 7, nap for 45 minutes at 9:30, then refuse to sleep until 4:30 or 5:00 pm.  It was kind of brutal, and I don’t think any of us loved it.  It’s nearly 11am now and he’s been sleeping since 9:30am, so I think today’s going to be a good one.  I may actually be able to take a shower before 5pm in the evening and perhaps even run some errands with him!

He’s trying desperately to crawl, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. I need to make him have even more tummy time than usual, but he gets SO grumpy and frustrated during it – I hate to force it on him.  He does sit up like a champion, though, so he’s spending less time in his jumper and more time on the floor playing.

The House Hunt

It’s as frustrating as ever.  I’m at the point where I just don’t care anymore.  Josh is willing to keep pushing forward with it, but I’m totally burnt out.  We offered on yet another house this Sunday (the 29th of Jan) and were countered yesterday (along with the others who offered on it) but we were unwilling to give in to their outrageous requests.  It’s an REO/Bank Owned/Foreclosed/Whatever property, so we’re just waiting to hear back about what they decided/who they chose.  I’m ever the pessimist, though, and so I’m doubting very much that they picked us.

There is another house we’re interested in, and it’s just two doors down from and the same floor plan and square footage as a house we offered on several months ago.  We did love the first place, and I’m sure I do love this place, but I just can’t make myself get excited. We already know there’s other interest in it despite its being a Short Sale, and in a multiple offer situation we just have no hope.  The houses are going for FAR higher than they should in this area and it is incredibly infuriating.

I just have to keep reminding myself that we won’t live in California forever. This is temporary. We will move when it is prudent.  Maybe if I keep repeating that to myself, it’ll make me feel better about the whole process.


House hunting in San Jose, CA.

I hate it. Really, really hate it.

We’ve now been looking for houses for a year. A YEAR.

We’ve hired and fired two realtors.

We’ve offered on a ton of houses and have been passed over -every single time-.

I am ready to quit, but Josh is willing to carry on.  The Geekling doesn’t care one way or the other as long as his Noms are available when he wants them.

At this point we’re working with two realtors – they’ve partnered up and are working like busy bees to get us a house.  So far, despite their EXCELLENCE (really, they are amazing), we’ve found nothing.   Or, well, we’ve found things – but haven’t gotten them.  We’ve offered on one only to have the owners panic about things at the last minute and refuse to sign the papers.

Currently, we’re working on signing papers to offer on yet another one.  This one is, I must say, my favorite so far.  It’ll go for a higher price, though, so that’s a little scary.  Meanwhile, the owners of the house-before-this-one have been calling to let us know that they still have not rejected our offer, but that they are firing their realtor, hiring a new one, relishing the house, and trying to make sure that they’re not getting messed over in the deal by consulting with an attorney.  It boggles my mind that they didn’t do all this BEFORE, especially since they’ve been under contract for a year before this. (That transaction fell through because the first buyers decided to give up waiting on the bank and buy something else…yes, it’s a Short Sale.)

The one we’re working on right now is an REO, so basically a regular sale and not so many of the hoops and strange things as a Short Sale.  Here’s hoping we get it.

In Geekling News:  He’s a -grumpybutt- today.  I just put his tiny tush down for a nap because I can’t deal anymore with the refusal to play and act like the nice little guy that he usually is.  This is his third nap of the day.  It better be the best one.