This place…is making my crazy come out.

I may or may not want to slap my roommate. And that’s not a very nice way to think. Call me hormonal.

Actually right now call Logan and I sleepy on Ambien. And call Josh the hands down best husband and Daddy ever. He truly loves his wife and son, and that just makes me love him even more.

We are what we make of things, and at this rate, I see a happy, close family forming.

:) I am one lucky girl!

Day 10 of Bedrest – At the Hospital

Hello, my darlings!

First of all I want to let you lovely individuals know that I am fine, and so is Logan.  I’m hydrated, he’s heart-beating in splendid fashion, and we’re both fed.

There was a slight mixup yesterday at my followup visit which resulted in a slightly-earlier-than-intended Betamethasone shot.  That’s the steroid shot that will help Logan’s lungs mature and will help to prevent intercranial (brain) bleeds after birth, IF he’s born early.

Of course, he’s not going to be born early, so it’s just a precaution.  How’s that for positive thinking!

Right now, the general status and plan of action is:
I will be in the hospital for a minimum of 5 weeks UNLESS my cervix decides to learn how to behave like a proper cervix should.  If it lengthens, I’ll probably get to go home earlier – so long as I remain on mostly bed rest.  Our goal, according to the doctor yesterday, is 29 weeks.  Chances of survival at 29/30 weeks is >95%, (refer to the handy-dandy chart!) and 29 weeks is exactly 5 weeks from Monday…28 weeks is of course 4 weeks from Monday.  So not so bad, right?


Now I’m going to see if I can beg my husband to buy me some Hyacinths for the room.  I need some cheerfulness in here!


Day 8 – Doctor’s Visit

Well today was the one week checkup…and things have not gotten better.

Apparently I had my measurements wrong from last Tuesday.  Dr. Combs said today that last week’s measurement was 1.8cm, not 1.4cm. I’m -pretty sure- I heard 1.4cm when they were actually doing the measurements, but hey, whatever.  Last week, my cervix did not shorten further with Fundal Pressure (That’s them pushing my uterus down toward my feet, to simulate a contraction.)

The measurement today, however, was 1.4cm, and it went down to 1.1cm with Fundal Pressure.  That means that if I start having contractions at this point, my cervix WILL shorten further and I’m at risk for dilation.

What he saw today was distressing enough that he made the call to go ahead and schedule me for a Gestational Diabetes test and for Steroid shots.

The Steroid shots are to help the baby’s lungs mature as quickly as we can possibly get them to mature, because obviously we do not want him born before he can breathe on his own.


See the pretty chart?  We’re right at 23 weeks 2 days, so apparently the baby’s chances right now are anywhere from 10% to 35%.  I don’t like those odds, so I have a little discussion with FetusFace and he and I agree that we’re going to do our darned best to get to 26 weeks.  Aren’t those numbers so much prettier?? 80% to 90%…now those are odds you can bet on.

It’s kind of amazing that in just 2 weeks and 5 days (how long it’ll take us to get from today to 26 weeks) that his chances of survival more than double.

I admit that I’m feeling a lot more worried this week than I was last week.  It’s probably just that I’ve been in bed for so long, but the depression is getting a little intense and I’m just plain terrified.  It’s going to be ok, though.  He’s going to stay safe in the womb for at LEAST 2 weeks 5 days.  After that, well, each day is just one day more for him to grow and mature and become ready.

At any rate – Dr. Combs said that I have around a 60% chance of making it to 34 weeks.  At 34 weeks, it’s almost as good as 40 weeks, so I’ll take that, too.  :)

Just as a lil happy – here’s my 23 week 2 day picture:













Day 7 of Bedrest

This morning started out just great.  I got out of bed to waddle my way to the ladies room, got my foot caught in the edge of the blanket, and fell.  Luckily I did not fall hard, or far…and I landed on my rump on top of a padded (ok, slightly padded) dog bed.  It could have been far worse.

Littlebit is fine – we checked his heartbeat before Josh went to work (156ish) and I checked it again about 30 minutes ago (157ish).  He’s not been doing a huge amount of moving around today, but hey – heartbeat is good, he’s good…right? Right.

My appetite is coming and going.  Josh made waffles and bacon and an over-

medium egg for us last night and I scarfed it down no problem, and I was fine with my oatmeal this morning – but lunch today nearly killed me.

Look, waffles –>


Speaking of Josh, he’s been an absolute darling during this whole thing.  Bless his heart, he’s had to do -everything- around here.  He goes into work a little late and he comes home early, and any spare time he might otherwise have had is taken up feeding me breakfast, making my lunch because I can’t stand up long enough to make it myself, cooking dinner for us both, handling all the dog stuff, doing the laundry, and just generally keeping everything from toppling around our heads.  He is amazing, that’s for sure.

At any rate, that’s what’s going on around here.

We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 11:40 a.m. and will post an update about it as soon as we are home and I can get to the computer.  Moms: Don’t worry, we’ll call if there’s anything urgent going on! Promise, even. :)  No news is good news, so neither one of you are allowed to get panicky if you don’t hear something right away.

Hm…getting hungry, maybe I can convince Josh to grab onion soup from Sweet Tomatoes tonight…


Hello, my dahlings!

If you’ve made your way here, you’ve obviously been invited – since I don’t think anyone would actually be looking for us.  So, hi!

Your first stop should be to the far right:  Read the Tidbits About Us page and the Privacy is Important page.  These two pages should give you some insight into how things work around here.


Most likely it will be me (Ree) posting here, though from time to time I’m sure Josh will probably do an update – especially once the baby arrives.

Who knows.  We’ll see!

At any rate, welcome.