Tidbits About Us

About Ree:

In General: My name’s Aerié, though most people (esp. those folks I know through the internets) call me Ree. It’s easier to pronounce and all.  I adore actually being called -Aerié- though, since it is my name, and I do kind of heart it.

I married the most wonderful man in the world on December 4, 2008 and that was hands down the most brilliant decision of my life.  Josh is very literally the most perfect partner I could have asked for.  I’ve got lots of love for that man!

We are the parents of one adorable little boy named Logan who will turn three years old on June 7, 2014. He’s the most wonderful little person on the face of the planet and we spend a lot of time doing a lot of things with him. Being a mommy is more exhausting, rewarding, and fun than I could ever have dreamed and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Quirks – Telephone: I hate the telephone.  I do not like the telephone.  I dislike the telephone.  I truly despise having conversations on the telephone.  I avoid the telephone to such an extent that I will turn my ringer off, and forget where my phone even is.  Yeah, I know, I’m weird.

Quirks – Planners: I have a weird love for planners. I’m more organized when I use them, so I guess it’s a good thing. I mean, it could be worse, right?

About Josh:

I’m gonna let him fill this in. :)


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