My first card with the SSS August Kit

I think it came out alright.  I did use stamps from a different set from what came with the kit…

Also used a ton of distress inks on the tag.  I think everything else came out of the kit, though.  I do love the monthly card kid situation… it makes it so easy to throw a card together since everything’s all nicely coordinated.  It also helps inspire me to make cards from stuff -not- in the kit.  And since I have a ton of stuff that was just sitting there unused, that’s most definitely a good thing.

Anywho, here’s the card:

Geekling’s Eyes

I love them.  They’re blue just like his daddy’s and shaped just like mine.  It’s the best of both of us ;)

When he has that little mischievous grin on his face, they look all HIM, though, and that just makes me love them even more.

Also, I heart my kitty.