Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diaper

Oh Katy OS Pocket Diaper in Twilight

The Oh Katy OS Pocket diaper is one of the diapers I purchased from DiaperJunction.com and I wanted very much to love it.  I didn’t, initially, but as the Geekling has gotten some meat on his bones, I have grown quite a bit more fond of it.

Price: At just under $18 each, the diapers run just about average for a OS Pocket. For the price you get the diaper (obviously!) and two microfiber inserts – one which is resizable (via snaps) and one which is the newborn/doubler size. I love the flexibility in absorbency that this gives.
Ease of Use: Initially I thought I hated the snaps, and I do still think they’re not quite as easy to do with a squirmy baby as the aplix/velcro, but I’ve since changed my mind – at least partially. The snaps are sturdy and my son is unable to get them undone by kicking and squirming around. I wish they were a little easier to do while he’s twisting about, but I’ll take the slight difficulty in putting them on for the assurance that he can’t get them off as quickly as he can the aplix.
Fit on the Geekling: They were not fitting so well at first, but now that he’s grown a bit (14 pounds as of the writing of this review) they’re fitting him nicely. So nicely, in fact, that I’m planning on ordering at least a half dozen more.
General Thoughts: The inside of the diaper is SUPER soft and the Geekling seems to not mind it at all. The microfiber inserts are just as absorbent as any other microfiber insert (very) and stitched nicely. The outside of the diaper is also soft and the colors are gorgeous. Mine is “Twilight” and it’s really rich and pretty. The elastic seems fairly stretchy and nice and the rise is decent. The snap down sizing is nice and in general the snaps seem of high quality. I like it a lot and will be adding quite a few more to my stash.

Rating: 4 of 5

Pondering Diapers

Since June 7th, Josh and I have done our fair share of diaper changing.  We’ve mostly be using Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers because they seem to fit best and absorb the most while not irritating Logan’s skin.  Unfortunately, though, they don’t do a really great job of convincing Logan that he’s dry when he is, in fact, wet.

Since our wonderful little geekling seems to hate, loathe, despise, very much dislike wearing a wet diaper, we end up having to change a lot more than the average. This also means that unless he’s in a really deep, peaceful sleep, he WILL wake up as soon as he wets the diaper and will demand in no uncertain terms that he be changed immediately…thank you very much, good day!

I’ve been pondering cloth diapers for a while, but with a newborn, and a premature one at that, in the house…our focus was on helping him maintain his body temperature (he had some issue with that initially) and figuring out how to exist with this tiny little creature, rather than worrying about extra diaper laundry and trying out new brands. Heck, there were (and still are) some nights when we could barely slap on a disposable diaper – much less fuss with a cloth diaper.  Of course, that was when I thought they were harder to deal with. Now I know we could have done the cloth diaper thing without much issue.


We’ve purchased some different brands and styles of cloth diapers and have found some that we like enough to commit to…I think.  They’re the BumGenius 4.0 One Size (OS) and they come in some cute colors and neat prints (well, kind of neat prints…4 of them…).  We also like the FuzziBunz OS, though unfortunately they don’t come in adorable prints.  There’s also some “cheapie” options we’ve tried – the iCute OS diapers from eBay and Econobum.  We’re also waiting on a tester diaper coming from SunBabyDiapers.com and if that one fits him nicely we’ll make an order of those.

I’m going to be reviewing the different brands over the next week or two, so poke around if you want to see what I think. :)