Long time no see!

Well, if you frequent this blog, most likely you already know that we welcomed Logan Joshua into our family on June 7.  If you didn’t know that already – well, who are you? Leave a comment! I love finding out who is stalking me. :)

I (Ree) am going to try to update the blog more frequently, but there’s really no telling how often that’s going to be.  Logan is far from settled into any sort of schedule and there are some stretches of many days where I don’t get any free time, period.

At any rate…

I’ve also started reading and reviewing books again over at my book blog, Literary Obsession.  Take a peek if you want.  If you don’t, well…don’t!

Because I like to do more than sit on the sofa all day holding a crying baby, but I’m limited in what I -can- do with said crying baby, I’m going to be reviewing baby products over here.  There may or may not be a few giveaways thrown in if I gather some followers…who knows!

That’s all for now, I suppose.

I heart you all,