26w2d, Beds!

#1 My mom has arrived and OMGosh I heart her.  She’s feeding us like wow and both of us are starting to feel a lot less stressed.  In two days she’s managed to catch up 90% on the laundry, at least 75% de-clutter the living room and dining room, 100% clean the kitchen, and the dogs are MUCH happier actually being able to go outside multiple times a day.  Josh is enjoying coming home to a hot meal again and I know he’s super happy about the laundry.  The most I can do is help Mom fold the clothes once they’re washed and dried, but at least I can do that.

#2 I love being home and able to snuggle my dogs and cats.  I’ve also been able to order the rest of Logan’s stuff and help Mom organize it.  I will say that I’m kind of missing the hospital bed. And speaking of that…

#3 Josh and Mom are currently moving the queen bed downstairs into the spare room.  The futon is still in the living room because I lay on it all day, but I’m starting to feel the lack of softness. The futon also doesn’t give Josh and I a lot of room to actually spread out and sleep comfortably, because it’s only a full size.  This is especially true as my belly becomes huge…er, I mean, as Logan grows.  I’ve noticed that as the belly expands, it’s becoming harder to lift myself up off the futon.  Considering I’m not supposed to be straining any portion of my body, having to struggle to lift myself isn’t really a great thing.  The bed being downstairs will mean that at least at night and when I nap, I can get up fairly easily.

#4 Logan seems to be doing just as fine as he always has – heartbeat is in the 150s just like normal, and he’s moving like crazy. :) Wanna see?  –>

So, yeah, all’s well in House Anderson.

In celebration of awesomeness and early Mother’s Day, I ordered my mom and MIL presents.  Woot.

And now I’m going to go scarf down some potato chips…because they don’t spike my sugar up, period.  YAY POTATOES!!!


26 Weeks, Still Gestating, AT HOME!

I am home.

Dr. Lee did my cervical check this morning.  I was at 1.4cm and my fFN came back negative.  She didn’t check for further dilation, but I did ask about it and she said “no need”.  So…dunno what that’s all about, but I’ll take it.

I should be safe from preterm labor for the next 10 to 14 days, so that’s good.  I have to do a followup visit with the perinatologists in two weeks for a cervical check, another fFN, and a growth scan on the baby.  Until then, I have to get with Dr. Rivera about my Gestational Diabetes and the routine prenatal care that is necessary.

I’m SO GLAD to be home.  Josh is super glad I’m home.  The dogs are ecstatic.  The cats are…well…cats.


Mom arrives in TWO HOURS OMGOSH!!  I can’t wait!!


I’ve been told multiple times that I can order breakfast whenever I’m awake and want breakfast.  Despite that, at 7:30am the phone starts ringing and it’s Room Service on the line.  She asks for my order.  I tell her that I’m not ready to order, can I call her back later.  No, she says…she’ll just go ahead and send me a generic order.  I ask why and she says it’s because on my “Diabetic Diet” I have to eat at certain times.

Since it was 7:30am, I’d slept maybe 4 total hours, I said to heck with it and ordered.  It arrives later…minus the milk I need for the cereal I ordered.  SERIOUSLY??

These people are all incompetent.  I’m so sick of this place.

Going craaaaaaaazy.

Food services brought my breakfast at an appropriate time this morning.

Then they brought my “between meals snack” an hour later.

Then they brought my lunch at an appropriate time…  but they forgot a spoon for my soup.   I paged the nurse’s station to request a spoon (seems simple, right?) and whoever answered said, “ok”.  It’s now 45 minutes later and I still have no spoon.

I’d get up off my tushie and get it myself, but I have this whole doctor ordered StayYourButtInBed thing going on, so I’d get yelled at.

Mama, are you here yet????

25 weeks 2 days, Still Gestating

So far so good.

Logan is still passing his daily Non-Stress Tests with ease. His heart rate is doing all the fun things that fetus heart rates are supposed to do. Apparently at this point in gestation, fetuses are developing neurological maturity. As that happens, the nervous system learns to tell the heart to slow down when the fetus is at rest and to speed up when the fetus is doing something like karate chopping my insides or practicing his tap dancing skills on my bladder. The proof of this maturity and development is an increase in accelerations on the heart rate thing. They look for three or more accelerations in 30 minutes and Logan tends to have at least 4 or more and usually at least one big one.

Isn’t that cute? He’s advanced already!

At any rate, I’m getting nervous. Not about giving birth (early or otherwise), not about having a baby to take care of (premie or otherwise), but about not having his stuff ready for when he arrives. I know I shouldn’t stress about it, but I just want things -done- and ready for him to come home to, you know? I want the crib set up and the mattress aired out. We have to get the stroller combo (it comes with the child safety seat) before he’s born because, well, we can’t leave the hospital with him without it, so that’s kind of important. There’s a couple of other things we need to make sure are at the apartment and set up and have no issues before we bring him home, too – his swing thing and the rocking chair or glider rocker or whatever it is.

I guess it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we were stil aiming for a July 4th delivery date, but at this rate there’s no telling when he could come. Heck, it could still be July 4th…or even later…but realistically it’s going to be within 4 to 8 weeks – depending on how long my cervix holds up.

Bleh. Stress. At any rate, we have the things picked out, we just haven’t bought them. Wanna see?

This is the stroller system we’ve picked out. It’s cheaper on Amazon than it is at Babies R Us, and Babies R Us requires that you pay tax. Ew to them!  This is the Graco Alano Flip It Travel System in Strata:

We like this set because it’ll work for both boy and girl…if we choose to do this again…which at this point is debatable…

At any rate, I like that it comes with the stroller AND the car seat and that it has the reversible handle so you can have baby facing you or facing where you’re going.  Obviously the car seat won’t work forever, we’ll eventually need a bigger one, but this one has awesome safety ratings for newborns and up and I think we’re both comfortable with the brand.

The Amazon reviews have been good on it, so…here’s hoping!



This is the crib, and it is also cheaper (by about $25 plus tax) at Amazon than it is at Babies R Us. I think this is what we’ll be buying next… it’s a mini-crib, about the same size as the portable soft-sided cribs, and will fit in the little spot by our bedroom door that will work perfectly for decorating as the baby’s space.

We’ve decided not to go with any themed baby bedding sets.  1) Because the portable crib sized ones are insanely expensive and 2) because I’m having a hard time picking a theme for little boys.  When we thought it was a girl I had all the nursery stuff planned down to the fine details, but I’m just able to get a real feel for boy stuff…I know I don’t want to go all boring blue, and I don’t want baseball, safari animals, or other sports stuff.

I -think- we’re going to go with a horse-type-thing, with a mural that I found on Amazon behind the crib and some little stuffed horse toys and perhaps a few framed horsie quotes for the wall at the end of the crib.  Who knows, we’ll see.



I don’t have a picture of the glider-rocker that we picked out at Babies R Us, and we haven’t been able to get back there to look at it, unfortunately.  But…I do have pics of the swing thing we like for him!  It’s the Fisher-Price My Little SnugABunny Cradle Swing.  And…it is ALSO around $20 cheaper on Amazon (plus the lack of paying sales tax).

It swings front to back and side to side, and the seat can change directions depending on which direction you want baby facing.  I kinda love it.  Also, the reviews on Amazon.com have mentioned that the mirror on the mobile seems to really catch the baby’s attention, and that the swing is fairly quiet.  I approve.








So there’s that.  Those four items are the only “big ticket” items we’ve decided we need, and the swing thing is still a maybe.  My good friend Ashley has let us borrow a breast pump, so we’ll just have to get new plastic parts for that.  The only other things we need are the mattress for the crib, a boppy pillow for nursing and a few other odds and ends (diaper bag, mesh bags for washing little socks and hats so they don’t get lost in the laundry, the little bathtub thing, sheets for the bed, an ear thermometer…ok, maybe more than a few things).

Bleeeeeeh.  So much stuff to get, so little time to plan!  This silly cervix issue has thrown all kinds of wrenches into our plans.  I think, though, that we’ll both feel better once everything is at the house and ready – then we literally can focus on baking the baby and won’t have to worry about not having his stuff ready if he arrives early.

Gonna go nap now while I wait for Josh to arrive.