We’re moved.

The move has been completed. We hand in the keys to the old place tomorrow and all that’s left to do at the new place is some unpacking of odds & ends.  Ok, it’s a lot of odds & ends, and we’re not unpacking the decorative stuff until our new sofa and entertainment center have arrived.  So it’ll still be a while before we can say we’re through and settled, but at least we’re HERE!

The new place is awesome. It’s a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment with all rooms on one floor. The building has elevators so getting around is a lot easier for me. I have a parking spot right next to the elevator and our apartment is fairly close to it as well, so it works nicely.  Also, we’re on the 1st floor (though not at ground level, since the garage is underground plus half a floor), so we can play with the dogs at night without worrying about our downstairs neighbors being bothered…because there are no downstairs neighbors! That also means we can do laundry and run the dishwasher whenever we need to.

The dogs have already settled in nicely and they loooove the place.  Recon is so much more relaxed and Sage is doing what Sage always does…sleep a lot and antagonize Recon when she’s awake. ;)

Geekling is another story.  All this disruption plus some pretty brutal teething has set him on edge and he’s just not sure which way to go or what to do or how to do it.

The most epic of all epic things, though, is that the day we moved into the apartment, Geekling learned to WALK!  It’s pretty awesome. :)


Pinterest & FlyLady

I’ve been finding a ton of neat stuff on Pinterest to help with organization.  Currently I’m looking for stuff that will go into a binder to help us with daily tasks. We’re also working on getting up earlier in the morning, but that’s SO HARD when we sometimes don’t get to go to sleep til midnight. It just seems like there’s always a ton that needs to be done at the last minute.

I know a lot of this has to do with lack of organization and extreme procrastination, but making the leap from lazy to living is proving harder than we anticipated.

The good news is, we get to start with a blank slate at this new apartment.  Everything is going to have a place…and everything will be IN that place.  Because of that, I’ve shifted gears a little… We’re still trying to change habits day by day, but I’m not getting fussed if we miss a step or two.

I’ve purchased several plastic over-the-door shoe organizers for the purpose of sorting cleaning things and keeping small nitpick stuff all tidy and together.  One (that we already have) goes on the back of Geekling’s door; It contains extra diaper creams, his babylegs, a few cloth diapering necessities, his baby shot record, baby tweezers and combs and nail clippers..you know, baby stuffs! All kinds of little fiddly bits that I want to be able to see at a glance rather than have to dig in a bin or drawer.

The two that I’ve purchased most recently are going on the back of our closet door and the back of the laundry room/pantry door.  I’m fairly certain I’m also going to get another for one of the closet doors for holding extra cleaning things.  I’m not certain about that, though, so I only ordered the two for now.

I also need to figure out just exactly where everything is going in the new house.  There’s a half ton of closets in this place: I think 3 coat closets plus closets in each bedroom, plus a storage closet outside on one of the balconies…so, yeah, lots of storage space.  We’ve got the storage unit but I’m really hoping to cut down on our junk so that the storage unit is just not necessary.  I guess it’s taking the place of our garage for now, since we planned on buying a house and HAVING a garage.  I envy those of you with enough space to store holiday decorations year round. :(

Annnnyway. Pinterest and FlyLady.net

Pinterest is useful, and FlyLady.net is getting me off my tush. Hopefully we’ll continue the trend….

Geekling’s First Birthday

…was on June 7th, 2012. We celebrated on Saturday the 9th with a group of friends and Josh’s mom and we had a fantastic time.  Geekling missed his afternoon nap, but he held on like a champion and was in a fairly awesome mood for the whole deal. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I just hope that each birthday after is cooler and cooler for him. :)

Josh and I with the help of his mom were able to throw together a cake at the last minute. The one I ordered from CostCo was hideously done (and all I asked for was for them to write Happy Birthday, Logan! on it. Can you believe that mess??) so we/Josh had to run to Safeway on Friday evening to try to find a blank cake.  We used marshmallow fondant and a ton of food coloring to create a robot cake. Between the three of us, it turned out pretty adorable. It’s not the most beautiful or professional looking cake, but it sure was bright!

In other news….

  • We’re moving.  Not to a house that we’ve purchased, as was the plan, but to a new apartment.  It’s a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom with two balconies and a decent sized kitchen. The living room is slightly…tiny?…but it’ll work well for us.  The whole thing is on one floor and there’s elevators to the street level and parking, so I will have much more ability to get out and around with the lil one.  The move will happen on July 6th…so I’ll still not be posting regularly for a while.
  • I’ve started to do more scrapbooking in an attempt to use all these supplies that I’ve collected.  I’m doing both Project Life (check it out here) and just traditional scrap pages in addition to the regular card making.  It’s actually a lot of fun and I think once I have a dedicated craft space in the new apartment, I’ll be able to do a lot more.  Can’t wait!!
  • Geekling isn’t walking yet, but he’s saying a few slurry words. The first really decipherable one other than Mama and Dada is Tree.  He also does kitty, kiss, doggy, and hush. Guess you can tell which words we say most often in THIS house! ;)
I’ll be back in a while to post some pics of cards I’ve done recently, and to show off my first Project Life page. Woohoo, I know you’re excited!


Pittering & Pattering…

…or close enough to it.

Baby Update

Logan is doing really well, despite the teething situation.  His first tooth, the bottom left (his left) front, has pushed through the gum and is now just finishing up. I think most of the pain associated with it has gone away, which is good.  Unfortunately (and fortunately?), the one right next to it is now coming up.  YAY, another week of grump-butt-baby!

He did take two beautiful naps for me yesterday and that was incredibly nice considering he’d been refusing naps entirely.  The routine was wake up at 7, nap for 45 minutes at 9:30, then refuse to sleep until 4:30 or 5:00 pm.  It was kind of brutal, and I don’t think any of us loved it.  It’s nearly 11am now and he’s been sleeping since 9:30am, so I think today’s going to be a good one.  I may actually be able to take a shower before 5pm in the evening and perhaps even run some errands with him!

He’s trying desperately to crawl, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. I need to make him have even more tummy time than usual, but he gets SO grumpy and frustrated during it – I hate to force it on him.  He does sit up like a champion, though, so he’s spending less time in his jumper and more time on the floor playing.

The House Hunt

It’s as frustrating as ever.  I’m at the point where I just don’t care anymore.  Josh is willing to keep pushing forward with it, but I’m totally burnt out.  We offered on yet another house this Sunday (the 29th of Jan) and were countered yesterday (along with the others who offered on it) but we were unwilling to give in to their outrageous requests.  It’s an REO/Bank Owned/Foreclosed/Whatever property, so we’re just waiting to hear back about what they decided/who they chose.  I’m ever the pessimist, though, and so I’m doubting very much that they picked us.

There is another house we’re interested in, and it’s just two doors down from and the same floor plan and square footage as a house we offered on several months ago.  We did love the first place, and I’m sure I do love this place, but I just can’t make myself get excited. We already know there’s other interest in it despite its being a Short Sale, and in a multiple offer situation we just have no hope.  The houses are going for FAR higher than they should in this area and it is incredibly infuriating.

I just have to keep reminding myself that we won’t live in California forever. This is temporary. We will move when it is prudent.  Maybe if I keep repeating that to myself, it’ll make me feel better about the whole process.