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I had to share my lunch with Geekling today. It’s becoming a theme, really – he’s no longer content with purees, for the most part, and really seems to enjoy the finger-food thing.  Of course, he mostly just shoves a whole handful of tiny bits into his mouth, but hey – whatever!

Today was pasta with broccoli and chicken in a marinara sauce.  Geekling got very little sauce, but he loved it all anyway!

Sorry the middle pic is blurry – it’s hard to catch a squirmy baby with the iPhone camera!

Kazoo in Japantown

Josh and I got some good news on Sunday…or, well, it’s at least positive progress.  (No, we’re not pregnant!) To celebrate this mini-almost-good-news-situation, we went to our local sushi place in Japantown.  We’re really kind of in love with the sushi there, so both of us were incredibly excited about getting out.

Keeping in mind that Geekling is still feeling a little under the weather, both of us were a bit worried that he may act out and get grumpy while we were eating.  I should have known better – the kid has got a seriously great personality and he just does really well in public in general.

One really nice gentleman sitting near us was smiling at him and talking to him.  Geekling really loved that and responded with some smiles and flirty eyes and a giggle or two.  It was really nice to see him interacting so positively with people.  He -hates- seeing the doctor (and I’m not even sure why, the guy isn’t the one who gives the shots!) but he loves pretty much everyone else.  He really does adore Ann, one of our realtors.  (We adore Ann, too, though…and Mary!!… so that’s no real surprise.)

Anyway, he had some chicken teriyaki and plain white rice and some noodles stuff…along with his green bean baby food. NO he did not eat sushi!  I think he looks like had fun…what do you think?  :)

Oh, and he has two teeth!  It’s hard to see, but in these open-mouthed smiles, at least one of those white dots you can see is a tooth.  The 2nd one just broke through this last weekend and he’s in a much better mood about THAT, at least.