And it begins…

We’re making some changes in our house recently. Clutter’s being dealt with. Habits are being adjusted or just changed entirely. We’re getting things organized and “ready”. Ready for what, you ask? Everything.

At any rate, it just means that with our newly organized selves and our adjusted habits, we have time for doing some of the things we no longer had time to do for a while. For me, that means I can blog again. I’m considering re-starting my book review blog, Literary Obsession, but I haven’t made the full leap on that yet. It’d be fun, but… it’s a lot of work.

I am, however, going to be updating this one. It will mostly be layouts, hauls, and reviews of scrapbooking/crafting products, baby products, and from time to time – makeup/beauty products. Woohoo!

What fun, yeah?

To begin, below are a few pictures of the 12 x 12 layout I did today while Josh and Logan were at the park. I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed behind and rested…and got a little creative. What resulted is one of my favorite pages so far this year.

It’s the first one I’ve done a process video for, too, so as soon as I’ve figured out how to edit that and get it on YouTube, I’ll post the link here in an edit. Until then – enjoy the pics!


Overview of the Layout

My first card with the SSS August Kit

I think it came out alright.  I did use stamps from a different set from what came with the kit…

Also used a ton of distress inks on the tag.  I think everything else came out of the kit, though.  I do love the monthly card kid situation… it makes it so easy to throw a card together since everything’s all nicely coordinated.  It also helps inspire me to make cards from stuff -not- in the kit.  And since I have a ton of stuff that was just sitting there unused, that’s most definitely a good thing.

Anywho, here’s the card:

Geekling’s Eyes

I love them.  They’re blue just like his daddy’s and shaped just like mine.  It’s the best of both of us ;)

When he has that little mischievous grin on his face, they look all HIM, though, and that just makes me love them even more.

Also, I heart my kitty.

Another Card

from the July Card Kit…

Everything’s from the card kit except the hemp twine – I got that in the sewing section at WalMart…and I love it. ;)  Edges are inked with Walnut Distress Ink, diagonal corners are rounded with the We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper.